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Hooking Memories

Good morning!

The rooster has sung in the day and all is astir at The Roost. This year, not only do we begin our 8th season of operations (holy moly!), but we also start a whole new and exciting online presence. The bricks and mortar part of our business is still located at 129 Main Street, York Harbour Newfoundland and one or more of us can almost always be found there counting our eggs (yes usually before they hatch). If we are not there then we are only a phone call away [681-2341].

Hooking The Roost!

And as I said - A new season, A new look,

A new logo and A new ON-LINE STORE. The game is a foot ..

I am sure after a year of quarantine, isolation and the “ C-19” word, we can all use a little NEWNESS in our lives . As for me, my latest passion this year has been RUG HOOKING! - no surprise to those of you who know me! However, there is a slight little twist to my rug hooking these days, so bear with me . Although I have had no formal training in the arts, I have always been surrounded by art. Both my grandfathers painted, and my home growing up was adorned with paintings - every inch of the walls seemed alive. My mother‘s father (Edward Allen - Grandpa Allen) was a writer, a photographer and a mixed media artist, a man born well ahead of his time. And Grandpa Mills (George Mills) was a prolific painter with oil paints and mostly with a knife.

There is a point to all my rambling, and I hope you’re all still with me! Like I said my latest newest passion is rug hooking, but I have transgressed over into my grandfathers‘ territories and have begun to hook rugs using pieces of their art work as inspiration and motivation. Talk about a sentimental journey. I started mid February of this year hooking the barn and the house on my family’s old farm.

Five Farm Scenes

After a couple of months of hooking old memories and what seemed like a walk through my childhood again I now feel so much more rooted and connected with my background and my history. The first 5 rugs were hooked on the sly, one each for my brother and my sisters. Like many artists I suppose I was craving attention and recognition.

Two versions of the farmhouse in winter

I was sharing my progress with one of my aunts, who fell in love with the winter scene of the old farm. She commissioned me to hook one for her ... so 6 rugs later I am now firmly entrenched and obsessed with hooking more memories.

Stay tuned.........


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