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By crowing comes dawn, the rooster awakens the artist in us all. Anchored in community, craft, and culture; discover The Roost at York Harbour. Much more than a local craft shop, this friendly respite on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador offers a glimpse into the history and lifestyle of unique people in an untouched place.

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Nestled in the Bay of Islands with sprawling ocean views, The Roost at York Harbour is a welcome stop for visitors. The shop exhibits character, culture, and craft, boasting more than 30 local artisan consignors, offering one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted art and gifts.

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Created as a way to display and support local artists - including the three owners’ work - The Roost helps artists to develop craft and products for people around the world with an affinity for Newfoundland and Labrador, traditional handy-craft, and mementoes of a visit well spent.


The Roost at York Harbour isn’t just home to artworks from local artisans, but also of the three owners, who are successful artists in their own right. Meet our team and be sure to say hello when you visit our store in person or online.

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Roy Evans spent 40 years teaching and administering education in Ontario, while running a hobby farm with his wife and children. Farm life included many creative pursuits including quilting, spinning, sewing and weaving. In retirement, Roy continues to work in the fibre arts, in particular, through his passion for rug hooking. Roy is a past President of the Rug Hooking Guild

of Newfoundland and Labrador and continues to be an active guild member as well as an associate teacher. As a co-owner/manager Roy enjoys promoting Newfoundland and Labrador craft and culture and sharing his knowledge of the Bay of Islands area with visitors from across the island and tourists from all over the world.



Janis Evans spent much of her life in Ontario working as a dietitian and manager of food services in a large residential facility. However, she and her family always made time for creative, hands-on pursuits on the hobby farm she ran with her husband and children, including quilting, spinning, sewing and weaving. Towards her retirement, Janis took a watercolour class, and has spent the years since developing her painting style, adding pen and ink, and discovering inspiration in the beautiful surroundings of rural Newfoundland. She’s expanded her artistic work, making lampwork glass beads and also creating sea glass jewellery.

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Blake Mills moved to York Harbour in 2013 from Ontario where he worked for many years in the Hospitality industry. Blake’s unique artworks are inspired by the natural landscape of rural Newfoundland and his sculptural materials too are often found in nature, in particular sea glass and driftwood. He has also become a prolific rug hooker and often combines rug hooking with his driftwood finds to create truly unique pieces. Blake comes by his artistic endeavours naturally, as both his grandfathers were successful painters in their own rights.


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