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To blog or not to blog ?

Never having “ blogged” before I was a little bit apprehensive about starting now. What to say? How to say it? What would be of interest? Who will read it ?

See what I mean? So many little worries!

Anyway as they say “a journey begins with but a single step“. So without further adieu, I invite you along on this blog and let’s see in what direction we will go!


Well first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Blake ! I am one of the three partners in THE ROOST. Roy and Janis are my “ besties “ and also my two cohorts, my cronies and my barn yard buddies here at the ROOST.

Photo credit Matt Murley

I will start with the premise that you know nothing about us and so will try to give you some background information.

“Home is where the heart is “ and is also a good place to start. Roy was born in Newfoundland(CBFA) and moved away to the mainland as a young boy with his parents. After a lifetime in Ontario and several trips back to visit his birthplace, he and Janis decided to retire here and start a new adventure - Home to ROOST (see where I am going with this).

Janis was born in Ontario (CFA), and having married a “Newfie” and visited Newfoundland several times including on her honeymoon, she whole heartedly threw caution to the wind and set sail to anchor herself here and “Roost“ herself in this beautiful province.

As for me, well I am also Ontario born (CFA) and also somewhat of a city boy. I was in my forties before I ever saw an ocean, the Pacific (hard to believe I know). I first came to Newfoundland in 2009. I tell people I came, I saw, I loved and I never left .. made it kind of like a joke. I came on vacation and never went back .... while that isn’t strictly the truth but it does bear some resemblance to it! And it brings me to the point that since my very first visit here (11 years ago ) I have felt like I am HOME . So if indeed HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, then I too am home to “Roost”.

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