The Tattybogle

Hi again,

Once again I have been busy hooking away, seems the more projects I get finished, the more I line up for myself to do. Forget the “ honey do” list!

Grandpa Mills’ painting

Lately I have been hooking from family paintings. This “ Tattybogle “, Scottish for scarecrow, was originally a painting by my grandfather. Learn more here about the subject:

I was commissioned to hook a Tattybogle rug by my cousin Gord and I think he is as pleased with the result as I am. I can just imagine how much pleasure our Grandpa Mills would have had to see it.

Blake’s Tattybogle Rug

I started rug hooking approximately 5 years ago and have really embraced the art. What started as merely a fun idea has morphed into a real passion.

“Fish stix” - Blake’s First rug hooking project

Who knew how wonderfully relaxing and stress reducing it could be? Which is a darn good thing as I have been commissioned to hook another of Grandpa’s paintings - OLD BARNS - this time. Can’t wait! If it turns out, I may have a hard time parting with it!

Grandpa Mills’ painting “Old Barns”

That’s all for today!


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