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The Legend of The Rooster on the Anchor

If you've been following The Roost for a while you will notice that we have made a big change in our logo. There is a story behind this change but we will save that for another post! In case you are wondering there is also a story behind the rooster on the anchor logo and here it is!

In 2013 when we made the decision to retire to Newfoundland we also purchased Child's Convenience store in York Harbour with the idea that we would open a cafe/gift shop. We were stumped at first as to what we would call this establishment and tossed around several possible names such as the S.S. York and some we can't even remember. At the time our favourite local breakfast spot in Ontario was a restaurant called The Roosterant and, like Roy, the owner collected roosters! As a matter of fact the place was full of rooster paintings, figurines, signs, clocks etc so we thought that name The Roost would be fitting for our little place and when we incorporated a few years later we added "at York Harbour" since The Roost name was already taken.

So what about that logo you ask! Well it was Roy's idea to have a logo that incorporated a rooster (he had come home to roost) and an anchor in the sand (we are now anchored in the sands of Newfoundland). We took the idea to a local west coast company who designed the logo that we have used ever since.

On a tight budget when we opened the shop in 2014 we copied the logo on to a large piece of painted plywood to create

an outdoor sign for the building. And over the years we have used it often! As a matter of fact if you are a particular fan of the old logo it will appear on tags and address labels for a while as we use up old stock.

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