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Well I am becoming a blogging wizard . This is my fourth post and I haven’t been run out of the “ coop “ so I guess I am still in the clear. In the last couple of blogs I wrote about my passion for rug hooking and my reconnection with my grandfather’s art. So not wanting to sound like IT’S ALL ABOUT ME (although privately we know it is lol), I thought I would talk about the Hidden Gem

Pictures paint a thousand words or so I am told. The photo below was taken on an overnight hike on Cape Blow Me Down

Cape Blow me Down
Sunset on Cape Bow Me Down

Definitely one of my favourite local hikes. It’s a coin toss between the Cape and the Little Port Head Light House Trail which would be my favourite. Both are marvellous trails, and the views are spectacular. The trails are well marked and well maintained and are rated moderate to extreme. Either make for a fabulous day.

The View from Little Port Lighthouse Trail

If you decide on the Little Port Head you will get the added bonus of Cedar Cove which is a must for any driftwood devotees.

Cedar Cove Beach
Cedar Cove Beach

At the end of the day any and all of the Outer Bay of Islands trails are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the scenery and to explore. The hikes vary from easy/ beginner to the more adventurous /extreme.

And nothing could be finer than Bottle Cove at sunset!

Bottle Cove
Sunset at Bottle Cove NL

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Wonderful sights we have sorely missed seeing due to covid.

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