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Well well well (and not just 3 holes in the ground either 😁), it’s been a while since we last blogged together. Now that spring is hopefully 🙏 maybe 🤔 here, we can shake the winter blues and start with some sunshine and put a “spring” in our steps. If you are at all like me you are very much looking forward to it.

We have been closed for the season since December, but even so, between the online shop, the special orders and requests, not too mention creating and producing, we have been keeping ourselves busy busy and for the most part out of trouble.

However, just recently, Janis and I did manage to find a little trouble. My mother (Shirley) who lives in British Columbia turned 90 last month so, to help her celebrate her big day, Janis and I managed some travel time to visit her. Roy, our mutual hero, stayed back to keep the home fires burning. Don’t worry, Eileen, (Janis’100 year old mother) was there to keep an eye on him and to keep him out of trouble. After all we all can’t be in trouble at the same time.

Janis and I landed in Victoria where spring had definitely sprung. Was so wonderful to leave in a snow blizzard only to arrive to spring flowers and to beautiful cherry blossoms.

So after stopping to smell the flowers and to explore Victoria - think the Empress Hotel, water taxis and China Town. WOW we had so much fun.

Cathedral Grove, for me is BLESSED. The magnificence of being surrounded by 800 year old towering trees, the vibrant greens, the smells, the ancient feel of forest, the silence, even though there were dozens of people walking around. The incredible richness and abundance of forest life and just the simple awareness of the cycle of life was so empowering. A person cannot walk away untouched or unmoved by the beauty and tranquility of this GROVE. Indeed I can’t think of a more fitting name -Cathedral.

Cathedral Grove

Eventually we did manage to part from the island and spend a few days exploring the wonderful city of Vancouver. I don’t think I am alone in saying we will go back again, especially Granville Island. What an artisan’s haven!

Broom Making Shop Granville Island

After Vancouver we got down to some serious family visiting. No words to describe how wonderful it was to see so many loved ones. And to celebrate together. Good food (way too much), great company (not time enough)and lots of laughter.

Mom(Shirley) the birthday diva!

I have to say we managed to complete a full circle as we arrived back home in a snow storm. But on the bright side we now have two Springs To Enjoy 😉


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1 Comment

Len de Graaf
Len de Graaf
Apr 19, 2022

What a wonderful trip you both had! Your pictures are fabulous and so nice that you could celebrate this special birthday with Blake’s mom!

Cheers and create on!


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