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Wow 2022 has arrived with a bang - the end of January already! First month and the first blog of the year! Welcome back everyone and a hearty welcome to those just joining in for the first time.

Last blog I was writing about some of our wonderful consignees and their fantastic talents. Continuing along that thread, I would like to introduce a lady who’s been with us a number of years now. And we are as proud as can be to showcase her!

Diane Bartlett-Greening has been illustrating realistic perspectives in her coastal symbols, wildlife, landscapes and word inspirations for decades. After receiving a BA from Memorial University of NL, Diane has correlated a career in mental wellness, to making sense of emotions in her home decor pieces. Diane sold her first commissioned painting as a child. She was recognized as the best Newfoundland artist for her courage with colour and ability of techniques by leaders in the art community. Diane constantly receives recognition from high profile local galleries and craft shops.

Her unique, one of a kind hand painted canvas paintings (appropriately called Coastal Memories ) are one of the Roost‘s most popular items with both locals and tourists snapping them up so quickly that it is almost a challenge for us to keep them in stock. Her plaques and signs not only illustrate iconic Newfoundland scenery but also resound with that famous Newfoundland sense of humour.

Like so many things, the photos don’t do the pieces justice ( so just imagine how great they really are ). I sincerely encourage you to visit and check out her art in person. And browse the store while you visit with us for a while.

cheers Blake

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