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Well it is the fall of the year and we have just had our first snowfall - taste of what is to come. A bit early in the year for my liking. But it is what it is as they say. Apparently it is time to locate my snowshoes and dust them off.

With the summer season behind us and the Christmas season fast approaching, I thought now would be a great opportunity to introduce/reintroduce some of our consignees. And what a wonderful group of artists and craftspeople we have at The Roost. The amount of talent and creativity that we see can be both

inspirational and intimidating. The scope of the pieces and the imagination behind them are incredible.

JEAN HALIBURTON WILLS is a prime example of what I mean. Her paintings are simply wonderful and for me they create a warm feeling when I view them. Even the winter scenes give me feelings of warmth and I get that “ home and hearth” feeling if you know what I mean? Jean‘s painting can proudly stand alone and they would also look great together as a collage. I am proud to say that we have sold several of her original pieces this summer. We are thrilled for Jean, but must confess that we are a little bit sad that they won’t be around the shop to admire any more.

Jean was born in Wolfville Nova Scotia, and she and her family moved to Newfoundland in 2000. She has lived in both St. John’s and Corner Brook. As a committed artist Jean is re-emerging in various drawing and painting media styles and is dedicated to her art. Can’t wait to see her latest works and we eagerly await what she brings us. In the meantime we still have several in the store that would make wonderful gifts for yourself or a friend. (Insert my birthday wish list here 😁)


Bride is Newfoundland born and raised in the Burin peninsula in the small community of Lord’s Cove. Bride, currently lives in Corner Brook. Her LANDSCAPE IMAGES will leave you almost breathless, they are truly unique works of art. She has developed techniques that integrate a variety of mediums into her work. Her skill with a needle is amazing. She blends quilting, embroidery, appliqué and painting into unbelievable pieces. The skills taught to her early in life by her mother definitely cultivated creativity and continue to provide her with the motivation to expand her artistic horizons. Inspired by the natural beauty of her home province, by the unique history and culture of Newfoundland and by her memories of growing up here, Bride continues to create art. Through the use of fabric and paint, Bride illustrates dramatically the way of life that is slowly disappearing from Newfoundland communities. Painting with “ thread” bridges the past with the future, proving that old skills thought only to be utilitarian are indeed much much more. But please visit the store and judge for yourself .

Brace yourself! We have many more artisans to introduce. Until next time!


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