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Well after only a brief week hiatus I am back blogging away. Partly because I like to talk (hahaha) and partly because I am excited to talk about our fantastic consignees. Last time in episode seven I talked about Bride and Jean, both of whom are incredible artists. This time around, let me introduce you to a couple of local fellows named Cy and Terry.


We first met Cy Byrne a few years ago when Janis was curating a show at the Arts and Culture Centre. There is little doubt that Cy has a photographer‘s eye. He can bring the mundane, every day thing into life, and can showcase it into a wonderful work of art. Black and white never looked so good.

Cy and Janis
Cy and Janis at a show

Cy lives in the Corner Brook area, and he is a self taught artist. At the young age of twelve, Cy got his first camera. And nothing has ever been the same since. He has experimented in taking pictures of just about everything in his life, from people to places and things. After 28 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces plus with his own love of travel, he has seen much of our planet. His first hand knowledge of the diversity in different cultures and subjects has helped him to compile a vast archive of images and ideas. Travel does indeed broaden one’s horizons!

Never being one to stagnate, Cy has recently enrolled himself into the Memorial University of Newfoundland‘s Fine Art Program. His natural ability to draw, paint and to photograph, has flourished and grown. He is a force to be reckoned with. We are excitedly waiting to see what he brings to us next!

Newfoundland through a window


Terry is a local legend. He studied art at the Ontario College of Art with advanced standing in Photo Electric Art, as well as wood carving at Seneca College in Toronto and film here in Corner Brook at the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University. Terry is also a member of the League of Artists of Western Newfoundland and has participated in various shows both at the Arts and Culture Centre as well as shows at the Rotary Arts Centre.

Presently, Terry is very involved with the Bay of Islands Radio as a producer, reporter and broadcaster. He has produced a number of concerts at the RAC and was involved in the creation of the outside murals in and around Corner Brook as well as in Bay St. George. With Terry‘s vivid imagination and his creativity combined with his innate talent he is much more than an accomplished artist. We are always thrilled with his work. Terry is an extremely interesting person and has lived a diverse life both academically as well as professionally. His spirituality, his zest for living and the innate sense of his ancestors all contribute greatly to his art, and reflect much in what makes Terry tick. He is another force of nature and we feel honoured to know him personally and to showcase his work at The Roost.

Feather Collage
Terry’s Peace Feathers - hand carved and painted

Signing off till the next time!


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