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Season Eight , Episode 1

Hello and welcome to our eighth year of operations . We are super excited this season! So many changes! So many challenges or should I say opportunities?

After four years, our summer student Jonathan, has been offered a wonderful opportunity within his field of studies. We wish him the very best and will certainly miss him here at the Roost. We are looking forward to having a new student join Our Roost Family this year, hopefully in the new future, perhaps June . “Change is good “they say . I have been trying to avoid the “ C” word but it does look like Covid will be around for at least the forseeable future. We have Covid protocols in place and the safety of our customers, our staff and of course ourselves remain very much a priority.

Last year, although we had fewer tourists then in previous years, we were thrilled to meet so many Newfoundlanders. The STAYCATION initiative proved to be very successful. We heard so many times from so many people that they’d never been to the west coast before and that they never knew how beautiful the Bay of Islands was. So we look at that as the sliver lining!

It is of course unsettling times, and no one can predict what the future will hold. We at the Roost are optimistic and hopeful. We look forward to seeing / meeting those we can visit in person and also look forward to our new virtual friends on our on line store. Cheers Blake

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Janis Evans
Janis Evans
May 15, 2021

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