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Well well well. And I am not talking about three holes in the ground either!

I heard from a friendly source that perhaps I am blogging a wee bit too much about rug hooking 🤔but personally I think such negativity is hard to believe. However, in this case it may very well be valid. (Lol)

I am therefore, at least for the duration of this blog not going to talk about rugs, matts or hooking. This brings me to one of my other prime passions - beachcombing. Nothing in my opinion is more therapeutic then the beach, so very very good for the soul.

I love beach combing and collecting all the treasures. From sea glass (aka mermaids tears) to driftwood, shells, rocks, pebbles, lost trinkets and broken pottery, it is all a treasure to me. I love it all!

Sign from part of a lobster pot

Driftwood giraffe
“Raffy” our driftwood giraffe

Seaglass inspirations

Sometimes when I find something I immediately know when and where I will use it. Other times I hoard it. Many times I may have been guilty of doing a little “happy dance” when that rare and unique piece showed up. Red Sea glass is always guaranteed a little jig .

In the words of Bernadette Noll “I want to age like sea-glass“ Check out her lovely poem most.

Cheers for now!


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