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I have been negligent in my blogging these last few weeks. But fortunately my buddy and best pal, Janis has stepped up to the plate and written two wonderful blogs in my absence. I hope you have had a chance to read and enjoy them.

I have had the privilege of travelling all across our fantastic country, coast to coast. I have flown, I have driven and I have even taken the train across Canada. We are so fortunate to live in such a diverse and beautiful place. Canada truly is an amazing and wonderful country.

Last month I was once again in beautiful British Columbia. I wasn’t exactly on vacation but then again I was not exactly “working “. I did however come across several creative ideas, and I did work on some fun projects.

Golf ball flowers
Sister Kate’s new flowers

These were so much fun and trust me they look a hundred times better in real Life. The photos don't do them justice at all.

Now back to the real purpose of my BC trip(Pandemic not with standing). Not the best time to travel as any one could imagine. My mother is well into her eighties(one never discusses a lady‘s exact age). And well to be frank one should take any opportunity available when it comes time to visit the elderly. There are always health issues and one never knows what will happen. So as they say when opportunity knocked I answered. It is incredible how fast 3 weeks can fly by!

As beautiful as BC is I honestly think that we here in Newfoundland can claim first prize in any beauty contest. But to be fair I didn’t really go and do any touristy things. And sadly the Okanagan Valley(where I was staying) is burning. The forest fires at the time I was there and at the time I am writing this were/are out of control. It is so tragic, so very sad. The fires are devastating the province and the smoke is heavy. There was one day when the ashes were falling like snow. I couldn’t help but feel sadness for all the wild life and for the forest itself.

Deer in the Kate’s Garden Vernon BC

These two mule deer visited us several times while I was there, to eat my sister‘s garden veggies and drink from the bird bath. I was delighted to see them(my sister not so much) but we both agreed it was a small price to pay and that hopefully it helped them to survive. We can always go to the grocery store and pick up some tomatoes. Much easier for us lol!

I took the picture from my mother‘a living room window and am seriously thinking I will rug hook it. What do you think? Any way, cheers for now


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