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Season 8 EPISODE 4

Hiking hiking and hiking, what more can I say?

In a previous post I talked a little bit about the “ hidden gem”, aka the wonderful trails here in the Lark Harbour/York Harbour area. I can never say enough about them, although I never seem to hike them often enough. One small bonus is that living so close to Bottle Cove we are able to get there somewhat frequently.

Bottle Cove Sunset

The Bottle Cove sunsets are spectacular!

Last month Roy and I travelled to Central to take in some hiking offered in that spectacular area of our beautiful province. In particular THE ALEXANDER MURRY TRAIL.

The plan was to stay the night. Hike the trail in the morning and then to head on home . Well like all the best laid plans it didn’t quite go according to plan. In this particular case it worked out much better than expected. We had booked to stay the night at By The Sea Inn and Cafe We checked in fairly early in the afternoon. Our accommodations were excellent and as part of the package, breakfast was included with only one slight hitch - being off season, the dining room would not be open until 10 am. This made both Roy and I immediately aware that our planning/ timing would require some adjustments. After checking in and well okay maybe a glass of wine 🍷, we ventured across the street to the Kingspoint Pottery where we happily entertained ourselves with a little shopping. Such a great shop! And thanks to co- owner Linda Yates for telling us about the Rattling Falls hike and also the Caribou Trail. So presto our morning time dilemma was resolved.

We hiked the falls that evening, just a wee short trail but lovely. (Although I know one should not compare “beauties” I have to say THE COPPER MINE FALLS in York Harbour definitely takes the prize!)

Rattling Brook Kings Point

So we were up bright and early and on the Caribou Trail by 8 am the next morning!

Caribou Trail Kings Point

and after a hearty breakfast by 11:15 or so we were at the start of the Alexander Murray Trail.

Just one of the spectacular views from the top

There are just so many pictures I wish I could share them all. The hike was well worth the effort despite the many MANY many stairs lol. I confess we didn’t quite make it in the suggested 3 hours. But considering that we had already hiked 6 km that morning we did pretty darn well to manage it in 4 hours. Not too bad for a couple old geezers.

I very much recommend the trails. They are well marked and well maintained. The views are AMAZING , the Flowers, the Sights, the Smells are all “Food for the Soul”.

The moss oh the moss ! A carpeted fairy land

So until next time wishing you “Happy


Blake 😁

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1 Comment

Blake is fascinated with the forest floor but the views from the top of the mountain were very impressive!

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