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Season 8 Episode 3

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Hello there. I love spring clean-up. Well not the actual cleaning part. Like in no way conceivable would I ever like washing windows or enjoy scrubbing walls. lol

But as the old saying goes “ one mans garbage is another mans treasure“ and

as far back as I can remember I loved it when the street curbs got all chuck full of unwanted household “ garbage”. Even before repurposing and recycling became popular I was all into it. Ask my mother, she used to dread what I might drag home and often (much to my chagrin) it ended up back in the garbage only just in front of my house the second time around.

Some of you may have seen the old dressers we had at the side of the store.

Now that was fun! Unfortunately the winds here in the Bay of Islands and the ravages of time took care of them. But they were colourful and the flowers looked awesome while they lasted.

Dressers with flowers
Colourful dressers with flowers

On a visit to St. John’s a few years back, I saw shelving made from old tables in a downtown store. At the time I thought how unique they were and the memory of them stayed with me.

As Janis and Roy would agree I am tenacious (Picture a dog with a bone) and I kept thinking about those tables. It wasn’t long before I started “ collecting cast offs“ a table here, a table there. But this spring! Blast off! I got the mother load. I even managed to find a table with only two legs and thought “wow I barely need to cut this one!”

So out came the saw, out came the paint and as they say history was made. Lol.

As is often the situation the idea was fun and creative but the implementation of said plan was more of a challenge. Thanks to Roy, who is much more of a planner then I am, several trips to the store and much “ discussion”,we got there.

Roy and Blake
Teamwork gets the job done!

I hope that the plants flourish and that the “WAVE PETUNIAS “ wave lol

Janis is planning on taking a weekly photo of them to document their progress . so far the responses on social media have been wonderful and the feed back has been amazing. It is my sincere hope that the idea and the flowers bring joy to all who see them, either virtually or even better in person. We hope that it is welcoming and inviting and that it makes your shopping more enjoyable and fulfilling. We would love nothing more then to hear your comments in person. Until next time!


The Finished Project

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