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International Punch Needle Rug Hooking Day

Today, April 10, 2021, is International Punch Needle Rug Hooking Day so we thought that this would be the perfect time to launch our collection which we are calling FIBRE ART ACCESSORIES.

This collection has all the supplies that you would need to complete a punch needle hooked rug. Have a look at the variety of items offered including foundation materials, red dot and Amy Oxford punch needles.

To do punch needle hooking, the fibre artist uses a hollow needle tool called a punch to “punch” loops of wool yarn through holes in a woven foundation cloth following a pattern. The series of loops which is also known as pile gives the design a rug-like appearance. Because the design is worked from the back of the fabric the finished rug is a mirror image of the original design.

Here is Roy’s set up to start his next punch needle project, a free pattern designed especially for the occasion!

For more information about Punch Needle Rug Hooking and access to the free pattern go to:

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