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Hello and welcome back if you are already a follower of our little blog . And just a plain BIG old welcome if you are a first time reader. Many of you have seen Janis’s postings on Facebook and Instagram. We have had many wonderful comments and so much positive feed back and we thank you for that. It is so rewarding to hear from you. Now back to business! The key word in this segment should be PROCRASTINATION (apparently I excel at this). Obviously I am not a journalist, or I’d be writing a lot more judiciously. Or at least prolifically. Any way IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Row Houses
Touching up the row houses to start the season!

This summer has flown by with non stop fun in the sun. Our little ROOST venture started 9 years ago (Man oh man that is hard to believe) but this June and July were the busiest June and July we’ve ever had. So we feel excited and motivated by that! We have partnered with some new clients and have several new product lines in the store. Always exciting!

Anna House Prints and cards
Our display of Anna’s prints and cards

And of course we love our new Anna House pieces - prints and cards from her latest show - “Down the Shore and across the Field” at the Community Hall in York Harbour. She’s such an amazing talent and her work is a fine example of something new in the store.

During our recent York Harbour Come Home 2022 days Anna was gracious enough to come and paint “en Plein air” with Janis in the parking lot.

Janis painting
Janis painting en plein air

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and a lot of fun for sure!

Anna painting en plein air
Anna painting en plein air at The Roost

Anna is a full time artist living and working in York Harbour, NL. She holds an MFA in painting from the University of Alberta, a BFA with distinction from the University of Lethbridge, and an honours diploma in Fine Arts from Grant McEwan University. Her work is held in Corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the USA, Europe and South Korea.

Anna’s work is profoundly influenced by her life in York Harbour, where she explores the NL wilderness and ocean for inspiration. Often incorporated within her paintings, are images and themes born out of local oral history and shared stories from her community’s daily routine. Her work carefully examines the symbolic power that can be found in the ‘ordinary’ and ‘everyday’.

Anna’s deep love of humanity, and the environment is carried though in her art investigation. Her work is intended to invoke musings and stories from everyday life, and her use of bright, intense colour, draws inspiration from her Aboriginal heritage.

Don’t miss Anna’s show when you are in York Harbour this summer! Hope you are all having some fun in the sun!



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