This medium size model of a traditional Newfoundland dory by Patrick Bruce in Stephenville Crossing features excellent craftsmanship.


The Bay of Islands Dory is characterized by its flat back end which usually sports an outboard motor and its bright orange and green colour. These models reflect a former time, as they do not have a designated place for the motor. It is a common sight as you drive along the south shore of the Bay of islands in Newfoundland from Corner Brook to Little Port at the end of Lark Harbour. These dories play a vital role in the local lobster fishery which many locals rely on and they also play a role in other fisheries in the area.

Other colour combinations such as the combination of yellow and green can be found in other areas across the island.


Take home a beautifully crafted representation of a piece of Newfoundland culture with this eye-catching model which is sure to make an outstanding addition to your shelf or table.


This model dory may vary slightly in size as no model dory is exactly the same. A sample measures approximately tall, wide, and long.


The dories come with two oars, which cannot be removed.

#75 Medium Dory